Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Conditions that must be provided at the site before the start

Stop! There are conditions that must be provided at the site before the start and should be taken into your mind.

·         Be useful.
·         The site should have a clear goal.
·         The siteshould be fast opening fast to deal with easy-used.

·         The availability of easy to browse sections of the site with ease and portability quick access an addendum to the main sections top and bottom of the page and add a link back to the home page etc ...You can more about conditions of website by knowing digital marketing course duration of techstack.
·         The most important thing in the site are targeted visitors, give them your interest in the presence of all they can to interact with the site.
·         Images must be saved with minimal size to load the page as soon as possible while maintaining course on color accuracy so as not to be a design is beautiful.
·         Usea fixed upper part and the bottom of all pages of the site so as not to begrudge visitor that he entered on another site while browsing and cause the dispersed.
·         The textual content should preferably be white background colors.
·         Use a unified Style of the site ex:  texts and the types of fixed lines.

Look and see similar sites directed to your site and learn from them, studying the sites and services and what are the great features and flaws that should avoid in your site.

Among the spectrum we determine the type of location to know what we need him.

Five types of sites rankings :

v  Build a commercial site (Business Websites)
    Usually the site of the company's identity and define them with the services offered by the company is made up.

v  Building-commerce site (Online Business)
It is a site designed to perform in order to trade on the Internet, such as Amazon, Ebay ...

v   Build a news site (Publishing Website)
    The location of the online newspaper and news bulletins and specialized articles composed.

v      Build a site that offers electronic services (Services Website)
Such as websites that offer services of Web 2.0 sites and banks that offer trading and entertainment services and other service

v  Building a personal website (Personal Website)
Site for your character speak for yourself and add your articles in it.

These are several types compiled from several different sources. The site consists of several standard classifications in one location
Such as banking sites (it is a commercial site, contains commercial services such as the purchase of prepaid cards and offers services such as electronic trading and offers a press release newsletter on the market on the latest site news ...)

This overview can benfit from them to the beginning of an action plan to identify your goals and what it will cost to operate
Of course you should simply know the location and content sections and all additions to the site to complete the work plan, after determining the time required to carry out the work as required.
You should draw sections of the site plan to be visible in the picture completely, whether you work on the site or for the developer.